wav2png &back
choose channel:
Pick the channel which will be converted to PNG.
wav > png:
Drag a .wav file here to convert it to a PNG.

This takes the left channel of the .wav file and assigns color values based off each sample.

Download the PNG file and open it in an image editor. Then once you're finished editing it drag it back to this page!
png > wav:
Drag a .png file here to convert it to a .wav file.

This essentially converts the image back to audio. Process it how you please before dragging it into here.

You can drag any image into here but it may sound like trash or be extremely loud so be careful and turn down your speakers.
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if you think you're experiencing a glitch let me know on twitter @directofficial

what is this?

wav2png is a way to convert audio files to png to allow for the use of various photo filters on audio. this page also allows you to convert back to audio for use in your songs and projects.

what image filters work best?

i love playing with photoshop's blur filters like field blur and radial blur!

you're going to steal my song huh?

no way. the conversion is performed in your browser. the site is completely static. you can download it and use it offline.

oh cool thanks

no problem. if you use this in a tune i'd love to know about it. hit me up on twitter (@directofficial). or if you feel generous donate on paypal :)

i have an idea!

sweet. wav2png is open source and available on GitHub. feel free to open an issue! or if you want to code it yourself i welcome pull requests.


06/05/2022 - Fix regression: Audio speed is correct on systems running at sample rates other than 44.1khz.

06/03/2022 - better mobile layout, cleaned up some code, rewrote wav file handler, first public version availble on GitHub.

05/13/2021 - added file form input to (kinda) support mobile users

04/30/2021 - jpg to wav conversion support

04/27/2021 - channel selector addition + firefox support (kinda)

04/27/2021 - initial release